Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Tis the season

Jason commented to me today on how long it had been since I last blogged. I was doing good there with the short ones every day or so, but life got in the way once again :) We've been in a flurry of activity and I've been trying to stay off the computer and get more done around the house.

Gwen had her school performance on Thursday and it was darling, as these things always are. I put the photos up on Facebook and you can view them here. As soon as J compresses the video I'll have that as well.

A few nights ago I made some chocolate mousse (SO delicious and easy) and unwisely left Elsa alone with it for a few minutes. Major mess ensued... My girl does love chocolate!

Gwen and I attended the Olympic Ballet's Nutcracker up in Arlington last Sunday. We had a good time and the performance was very family friendly (tons of kids, shortened from the original) but Gwen still started to fall asleep at the end. It was fun to go, just her and I. When we came out at intermission, the snow was coming down so thick I was a little worried about getting home. By the time we left, the snow had stopped but the parking lot was a sheet of ice. I steeled my nerves and slid all the way down the exit and breathed when I reached Hwy 9 and clear roads. Unfortunately, it was all gone once we reached Lake Stevens and we haven't seen a flake yet. Shoot, this time last year we were positively buried in snow, remember that? Half as much of that would be nice, just to set the mood :)

After a convicting MOPS meeting where we were challenged to be like Gumby and be flexible with our children, the kids and I made some gingerbread people and decorated them. I kind of have a hangup with baking. While not a perfectionist in any other realm, I like to do baking my way and have the results come out as good as possible. Of course when you make things with children, there are complications with that. However, I was like Gumby and let the children take the lead and make a memory :) Pictures are here.

I'm pushing hard to feel some Christmas spirit but have yet to find any. I keep getting bogged down with the consumerist side. One year I want to try something dramatically different like no presents, or only one or something like that. A video I saw a few weeks back is part of that conviction...

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