Monday, March 22, 2010

Ethan and other news

Today is Ethan’s 6th birthday. I can’t believe I’m a parent to a 6 year old, and I can’t believe I ended up with such a great 6 year old! He’s my stubborn, smart, sweet, and silly firstborn.



1 year (He reminds me of Elsa!)


2 year


3 year

Pictures_112806 372

4 year

Picture 108

5 year


6 year


We held a birthday party at our house on Sunday afternoon. There were 7 kids total. The weather held out and thank goodness because it was 2 hours long and by the first hour we’d done everything! The kids played outside and had a great time.

It was funny to see how everyone grouped up immediately. The boys talking Bakugan, Lego and Star Wars…


The girls doing girly things…


We played Pin The Tail on the Donkey. Twice. Because oddly, about half the children pinned the tail on perfectly the first round. Hmmm… that doesn’t seem right! They could see through the blindfold :)

This was Gwen in the first round… getting it perfect of course!


Ethan had me make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Served with chocolate ice cream. This kid is a chocoholic like his Daddy!

003 IMG_4100

After presents and cake, we had a SpongeBob piñata. Hilariously, everyone pulled the string (that’s how they do it these days instead of hitting it with a stick. So not as much fun) and nothing happened. The one string that no one pulled was the “trick” string.  After candy was gathered, the kids wanted to bat around the piñata. They really had a good time with that!IMG_4114

Two of the kids yanked off the legs and proudly displayed them to me!


It was so great to see all Ethan's friends here and having a good time. I’m gonna have to get them all together again because everyone played perfectly together and had a blast.

Today, still completely wearied from the party, I had my 16 week midwife appointment. All was well. Blood pressure perfect and heartbeat found. I’m having persistent bad to severe headaches again (happened with Elly too around this time) and like last time I saw a midwife, they don’t seem to get how bad they are. I’m sure many many people complain of headaches, but these are quite quite bad. Not just an annoyance. I think part of it is that they can’t prescribe me anything anyway, but I’d like to hear something other than Tylenol (useless) and massage (impractical). Worse comes to worse I’ll go see my GP and maybe she’ll give me some drugs for the worst days. If anyone reading has ideas for me, PLEASE let me know.

I scheduled my mid-pregnancy ultrasound for April 21. Seems so far away! I’m positively dying to find out what we’re having! Hopefully these next 4 weeks will fly by.


Michelle said...

I would double-check with your GP (usually you can ask these questions through email to your GP or to your pharmacist), but you should try Kava.

I've been using it to handle my anxiety and migraines. It's a very light muscle relaxant and, well, a general panacea. It has numerous clinical studies behind it to support the results. It produced the same positive results as the main anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds with none (let me repeat, NONE) of the side-effects.

It's all non-addictive, and cheap.

And yes, it's worked for me.

It doesn't impair you in any way either. It's awesome! I used to take a handful of meds every day to keep the headaches at bay, nevermind the anxiety. The kava has taken care of both.

But ask your Dr. or pharmacist first, since I'm unsure how it affects pregnant ladies. I doubt it does anything negative at all, but you know, better to be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

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