Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a few pictures

Not much to say, except that my ultrasound was bumped up to Monday. THIS Monday, the 12th! I’m sooooooo excited. Usually by this time we’ve had at least one ultrasound but not so with going through the stand-alone birth center. I’m eager to see the little baby, and I’m eager to find out if its a boy or a girl. I have no patience, I just HAVE to know these things as soon as possible!

Other than that though, nothing much happening. Just wanted to share these photos I took yesterday.

We were at MOPS all morning which means Elsa missed her morning nap and was played out. We got home, had some lunch, and she just crashed out on Gwen. Its so cute how these two love each other and enjoy sitting and snuggling. Any time Gwen is on the couch, you’ll hear Elsa saying, “Gwennie wap? Gwennie wap?” which is how she asks for Gwen to lift her up to her lap.


Later in the day I was making some cookies and I caught Elsa and her stool (they are constant companions in mischief) sneaking some cookie dough from the bowl. I have never had a child so interested in kitchen workings. She fiddles with the stove, tries to stir pots, cut veggies, and just do everything I do in the kitchen. It’s a little scary!


Today we have Ethan’s first t-ball game, along with his pictures and all that. Its gonna be an full afternoon event, so I better get moving and prep everyone for the day. Look for an update on Monday when I’ll definitely be sharing if a little boy or girl will be joining our family!

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