Friday, December 03, 2010

We’re still kicking!

Its been sooooo long since I’ve blogged. I say it every time, but life seems to fly by and I keep putting off blogging. This time of year always seems so hectic, even though by most people’s standards we live a quiet life.

Henry had his 2 month visit a few weeks ago and grew a lot! He was 12lbs, 5 oz (75%) and 24 inches (90%). He grew 3.75 inches in a month!

The week of Thanksgiving we had our first snowfall of the year and that was exciting. As is our norm, we braved the icy roads to drive to my Mom’s and visit and let the kids do some sledding. We took our regular route but had to turn around after seeing this ahead
001 003
We did eventually make it there when we took an alternate route. To our surprise, Peter and Shelly came up from Federal Way and visited too! Great fun. Note to self, buy son new snowpants so that he doesn’t have to sport “snow capri pants”. Last year these fit fine!
Thanksgiving was good. We celebrated on Saturday as that worked better for our family and it was good to just hang out and visit with everyone.
Henry really liked Uncle Michael
We tried something different and had dessert for lunch, and then followed it with the Thanksgiving meal. Was kind of a neat way of doing it.
My cousin Ben :)
Henry and Aunt Becki
My Mom set up a hot potato game using an actual hot (well, warm) potato!
Oops, someone got knocked out of the game earlier than they wanted…
My sibs
Ethan was the hot potato champ and his prize was the beat up potato!
We celebrated Jenni’s 18th birthday too. My baby sis cannot be that old!
We set up our Christmas tree on Sunday. This year we got a real one. It smells soooooo good. I don’t mind vacuuming up the needles either. Well worth it :)
On Wednesday we went roller skating with Ethan’s Cub Scout pack. J and I haven’t been skating since our early teens and the kids had never been. It was stressful! It was more crowded than we expected and even though we had my sister Jenni to help us, there didn’t seem enough grown ups to go around.
Poor Ethan, he had a hard time. At one point Jenni and I had his hands but his slipping around was so comical that we almost fell from laughing so hard. He was laughing with us too… it was so comical! We got his wheels tightened up and he did better then. Gwen caught on fast!
Elsa did NOT like the siren they played every once in awhile and walked around teh whole time like this
Here are some random pics from the last month.

We got our family pictures taken last weekend and they came out pretty good!



Carrie said...

Beautiful family!

Happy holidays!

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

As your blog title says, are you reeeeally still kicking? Really? Because, for some reason, I'm not convinced. ;)