Friday, June 18, 2010


Over Memorial Day weekend we travelled to Spokane to visit Jason’s side of the family. The drive went ok. There was construction on I-90 so we decided to take Hwy 2 which was a mistake. We made 3x as many potty stops because you’re constantly passing things and the kids knew that we could stop. When you’re in the middle of no mans land on I-90, there is no place to stop and so it just doesn’t come up as much.

Our DVD player (i.e. laptop) setup also failed, which left us with NOTHING! Now I’m sure some in the older generation are all, “I remember when we used to drive 10 hours each way without a DVD player, or iPods, or video games and we LIKED it.”. This is true and very possible. I have memories of those trips myself! But my kids are used to the DVD player and so are we :) Luckily, after running around town in Spokane we were able to make it work for the drive back.

I have no pictures from the trip, but we did a lot! We saw Shrek in 3-D, had lots of visiting time, and Jason and I even got to go out to dinner without the kids with a friend of his. Good times.

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