Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gwendolyn’s Dance Recital

       Gwen finished out her dance year with a recital in the last week of June. She was so excited! She got ot pick out her own tutu and create her own dance while being part of the group dance as well. The pictures are pretty lousy since there was no flash allowed and my camera doesn’t handle it well. We have video that I’ll add whenever J gets around to compressing it :) It was pretty cute, as soon as she came out to dance she stared hard into the audience and waved at us. Then she picked her nose!

Ethan at intermission, before Gwen’s performance. He was pretending to be Ben10, something he’s really into right now.






Giving Ms. Martha her flowers.


Gwen had never gotten flowers before and was thrilled by two bouquets just for her!


Gwen told us that she’s done with dance and would like to do gymnastics now. I’m glad she got to work with such an awesome and gentle dance teacher and have this experience!

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