Sunday, February 21, 2010


This morning I got the rare pleasure of waking up to an almost empty house. Its just Jason and I. My parents took the kids yesterday so J and I could go out to dinner at Dahlia Lounge with some friends.

We had an interesting day yesterday. After dropping off the kids, we came home and decided we were going to head into downtown Seattle early because the day was so gorgeous and we haven't explored downtown in years. We wanted to stop and buy J a few shirts and then we thought, maybe we should look at a sports jacket and slacks because its something he's really needed in his wardrobe. So we stopped at Men's Warehouse in Lynnwood because it was the only place I knew of off the type of my head. An hour and a half later we walk out rather shell-shocked (sticker shocked?) at what we'd done! He ended up with a sports coat, 2 dress pants, 2 shirts, and 2 ties. In truth we only walked out with the shirts and ties because the other things were being tailored. That was the most money we'd ever spent on clothes and then we left with this tiny bag. Wasn't very satisfying! Oh well. At least we know he'll be very well dressed for any events that come up.

We got downtown and parked right by the restaurant, then walked to Westlake Center. I used the ladies room and while I was in there, mall security busted in to get a lady who was high as a kite and leaning in a corner. That was kind of interesting. We wandered around for a bit, then headed back to the restaurant and met April and Gregg and had dinner. We were there 3 hours and had a good time. Food was ok. Not amazing, but good and a little different. My favorite was the dessert of freshly made doughnuts with marscapone and jam. YUM!

Today I have some big yard plans, thanks to the really nice weather that has inspired me. I'm pulling out a big bush in the front yard and replacing it with my blueberry which has outgrown its pot. I'm also going start hacking back the blackberry bushes that have been encroaching on my yard for the past few years. They are now officially "out of control" and I'm out of time... if they're gonna be cut back, it has to be now. How I wish I had a goat who could come in here and eat them back.

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