Saturday, February 06, 2010

Times of our life

Things have been so crazy lately. Seems every week or weekend has some event that takes up every ounce of available brain and body energy!

Last weekend we traveled to my Aunt Daralyn's house in Northeast Washington. Our journey was for two reasons. 1. A housewarming for my cousin Lindy who lives in that area, and 2. hooky-bobbing, which is basically sledding and then being pulled back up the hill (in this case, driveway) by a car.

Our trip out took about 7 hours and went fairly smooth, all things considered. My kids are not strangers to long car rides and they do pretty well. The DVD player helps a lot! As we got closer, we were skeptical that we'd have much snow to sled on as the roads and most of the countryside was snow free. However, my aunt lives on a mountain basically and there was plenty of snow for us! We navigated the somewhat treacherous driveway with ease (what a big relief) and settled in with the scads of other people there. I think at the fullest point there were 31 people in her house, and for 2 nights there were 27 people sleeping there! There were 11 kids under 9, and 5 of them were under 2 years. Oh it was a full house, but it wasn't all that crowded feeling and everyone was able to find a little space to move and breathe.

The next few days were filled with lots of visiting and playing. It was my first time hooky-bobbing and I had a BLAST! I so want to do this next year :) I have an album of pictures that ya'll can see here.

The drive home took about 7 hours too, but was more difficult because my cranky little sis, Jenni, was riding with us (sorry Jen, its true!) and the DVD player was broken. But we all survived and the journey was well worth the memories and enjoyment we had at Aunt Daralyns, even though we had to go to the bathroom in garbage bags the last day ;) Our poor hosts, the sewer pipe under their house was crushed (unbeknown to them) and the influx of all the people using the faciilites clogged it completely. Its freezing with deep snow outside and we are on a mountain. Not many options. So we did what we had to and lined to the toilets with garbage bags and tied them up and put them in the bathtub when they were full. It wasn't so bad. I DO feel bad that my Aunt had to empty all those bags when the sewer problem was fixed though. I have to say that I think it speaks highly of my family that everyone dealt with the issue with good humor. What else CAN you do in that situation?

In other happenings, tonight my sister Becki is celebrating her 30th birthday (technically her birthday was back in January, but we're celebrating tonight). She's having a swing dancing 30-40's style party at a gym. Its gonna be SO fun! My friend April is a whiz with hair and makeup and I asked her to do me up. We did a trial run on Thursday and she turned me from my everyday plain Jane into this. I was SHOCKED. It didn't even look like me! I've never worn so much makeup, but it was fun to do something totally different from the regular. I can't remember the last time I wore lipstick or got all dolled up. It'll be cool to see what it looks like when I'm in my outfit. Thanks April!

My goal is that it won't be 3 weeks until my next blog post. Lets see how that works out ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, Kris. I still like them the best. I wish my mom (your great-gramma Johnston) could have seen you with your do. I still can't get over how much you looked like her as I remember from my early childhood in the late 30's.