Friday, September 03, 2010

39 weeks

I have almost made it farther in this pregnancy than with any of my others. Ethan made it to 39 and 3 days before I was induced, so I’m right there. My 39 week appointment was uneventful. BP was up, so they took blood and that came back fine. They do want me to come in today for a blood pressure check and if this morning is any indication, it’ll be up again. Ugh. First days back at home are always rough.

I’ve spent the last 6 days at my parents house while Jason was at a conference. It was so nice to stay there, though I know it exhausted them thoroughly. We so appreciate their sacrifice for our sakes!

Jason came home last night and it was good to have everyone home and sleeping in their own beds. He won an iPad at the conference and wow, what a fun little toy that is. I hardly need another device to distract me in my day, but it’ll be useful too. Or so I say to myself….


Tina Michelle said...

That ipad sounds so fun! You are nearing the end and about ready to meet your newest little one! How exciting!

Mrs. Hoppes said...

I thought I was going to read "My baby has arrived and weighs ----!"

Tease! ;)