Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great News

Today I had my 38 week appointment. I was VERY nervous about it after my visit last week where there was talk of stripping membranes and induction and what not due to my blood pressure. I made sure to be totally hydrated (something I haven’t been very good with lately) and relax myself going in. I’d had a really stressful day yesterday and my home readings of my blood pressure were very high and I was pretty sure it was going to take a miracle to come in at an acceptable number.

Well it turned out great! My blood pressure was just a smidge higher than my readings for most of my pregnancy and quite a bit better than where I’d been last week. So relieved. Midwife said nothing at all about induction or anything like that. Unfortunately, I came back GBS+ again (I was + when I had Elly too), despite doing a daily rinse for a week beforehand. I was originally going to turn down the antibiotics if I came back positive but I’ve reconsidered and decided to take the antibiotics. If I did this rinse (which is antibacterial) for a week beforehand and still came back positive, it sounds like I’m pretty heavily colonized and I didn’t feel comfortable deferring antibiotics under that circumstance. Luckily my midwife won’t use an IV to administer them and that was of my big things. NO terribly uncomfortable needles in my hand please! I swear that I recovered faster from my last delivery than having that stupid needle in my hand. Ouch.

My midwife was talking about how I must be anxious to have the baby and I said no, you probably don’t hear this too often but I want to see how long I actually go without being induced… and I want to have a September baby! She said that not many people were excited about actually hitting their due date or beyond but she thought that was a great attitude. I hope that I can keep that attitude up as I get more and more uncomfortable.

Another good bit of news was that we listened to baby H’s heartbeat for two minutes and only heard the irregular beat once! Prior to that we’d been hearing it every 8-10 beats so this was a huge decrease. Yay! It sounds like the arrhythmia is already healing.

Jason is leaving for a conference on Saturday and will be gone until Thursday. The kids and I will be staying at my parents house during this time (bless them for making this option available to us!). I plan on putting myself on a lot of bed rest so that I don’t trigger anything before Jason returns.

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Jenn said...

Glad to hear all is going well. I was GBS pos with 2 pregnancies with 1 sick baby. If I were heavily colonized I'd get the antibiotics, too, and I am against most intervention. It was really scary after Jessie was born. She recently found pictures of herself as a newborn in the incubator with all the wires and cuffs, here it is 13.5 years later and I still started crying. Praise the Lord he saw her safely through.

It's looking like you will make it to September! Sitting on the edge of my chair...your cousin...Jenn