Monday, August 09, 2010

Fort Stevens/Astoria Vacation 2010

Its been a week since we’ve returned from our 8 night camping trip and I’m just now feeling back in the swing of things!

We spent 5 nights staying in a tent trailer (amazing… couldn’t have done this trip without it. Thanks L & D for renting it to us!) in Les & Karen’s driveway having a little family reunion of sorts. Everyone came and visited and caught up and we had a great time. Last year we’d met at some cabins in southernish Oregon, but due to time/money concerns, we kept it more local (at least for the majority of people) and low-key this year. Mostly we hung out, let the cousins play their little hearts out (and did they!), and had a few excitements.

Two excitements involved my own children! Ethan got an infected finger and we had to take him to urgent care. It was a great clinic and the doctor set us at ease right away by looking at me and saying, “Whoa, I don’t know nothing about birthin’ no babies” and when Ethan said, “Hey, she’s not having a baby, its my finger that’s hurt!” he turned to E and said, “They didn’t tell me you were bit by a barracuda son!”. Well, that loosened Ethan right up. So, a few hours later, with antibiotics and a bandaged finger, we ended that adventure. Two days later I was there again with GWEN! She had an infected toe! It was just the most bizarre thing that both my kids have to be taken to urgent care (something we’ve never had to do in the past) in the same week. While we are on vacation. The doctor came in, looked at me, said, “Um, I still don’t know nothing about birthing babies” and I told him, “Dr., with the week I’m having, you better start learning because I might be in here by the weekend!”. Her procedure was a bit more painful (they had to drain the toe), but she left feeling better and with her own antibiotic prescription. Whew. Too much stress and hassle for a vacation.

We did get the kids down for some old-timey photos in Seaside and they were adorable. The kids had a blast dressing up and the people really worked to get them in character and play the parts.





Some more pictures…

The one sunny and warm day we had (70 degrees). We took advantage of it!


The kids were all about the bikes this year. Elsa was a little hellion and wiped out numerous times. I’m shocked at how fast she can make this thing go. She needs a helmet….


Ethan and Gwen BOTH rode without training wheels for the first time. I did not think Ethan would do it before 10. We were so proud!

Giving tips on how its done…




All the kids and the Bakugans


Gwen and Jaden. They are two peas in a pod.


At the Tillamook Cheese Factory (love to go there… my fridge is stocked, packed!, with all sorts of awesome cheeses).





Waiting in line for samples…





Afterwards, ICE CREAM!




Disappointed to find out that rocky road has peanuts…


After 5 nights, we packed up the tent trailer and took off for Fort Stevens to meet April, Su, and another family (new this year) for our 3rd annual camping trip. For Su and April its like their 5th annual I think! I don’t have many pics because, to be honest, I was burning out by this point. I was tired, stressed, annoyed, and, well, 34 weeks pregnant.

Elsa. Dirt.


Gwen made fast friends with the toughest guy in our loop… When I asked what she was talking to him about, she said bikes (he drove a Harley) and “how good I can ride without training wheels!”


Checking to see if Elly is asleep…. Success!


One of the things we did while at Fort Stevens was go to a Civil War re-enactment. It was a little less… um, everything than we’d imagined, but still pretty neat. Lots of cool weapons, wool spinning demonstrations, etc.




Another day Jason took us adventuring down some random road which took us over random dunes (that our car barely sloshed through) and onto this totally isolated stretch of beach. It was pretty cool. I tried doing something creative with the kids. Elsa did NOT cooperate!




Despite my stressed out nature by the end of the trip, we did have a great time overall and I’d do it again. 8 days is a long time to camp when you’re pregnant, but we made a bunch of memories and did something fun and it was worth it!

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