Friday, August 20, 2010

No room at the inn?

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and arrived at the birth center to find both the labor rooms full and the main midwife gone at a homebirth! Apparently yesterday was the day to have a baby! An assistant, as she hurried in and out of the rooms, told me that they haven’t had a birth in two weeks but today they had 4 in some stage of progress. I had to wait until the fill in midwife was available and I was seen in a small room (closet) with a bed. It was kinda interesting to see how it all worked. I was assured that this was extremely unusual and I would almost surely have a room when my turn came. And if I didn’t, a homebirth wouldn’t be so bad, right? :)

My blood pressure, per usual, is creeping up. The midwife wanted to sweep my membranes, but I declined. For one, at 37 weeks I didn’t feel it was time to use things that might encourage labor. Two, I don’t WANT to go into labor yet. I want a September baby! Three, a big part of me coming to the birth center was so that I wouldn’t be put into the “intervention loop” as soon as my blood pressure went up a little. I don’t want to jump willingly into that loop when the only thing wrong is that my numbers are a little high. I have absolutely no other warning signs (swelling, spots in the eyes, rib pain, headaches, etc). So I said we’d see where I’m at next week and go from there. That was kind of empowering actually. Usually I’ve felt a little scared about what-ifs, but this time I feel utterly confident in waiting and not jumping the gun. If the only thing wrong is my blood pressure, I’m not going to be induced. Nope.

She said the baby felt extremely low (yeah, tell me about it. Ouch.) and her hands were saying he was about 7 lbs or so. Gosh, he feels bigger than that, but who can tell really?

After my appointment I ran some errands and came home for a few hours before heading out with April to Dream Dinners. She threw me a lovely baby shower a few weeks ago and coordinated a group gift of these meals to use after the baby is born. I was able to get 9 6-serving meals and we went down there and prepped them last night. Its a cool concept and executed very well. We hit a cafe afterwards and talked and enjoyed some purely grown up time, no worries about messes or bedtimes!

The kids have been in a swimming class all this week (and M-Th next week) and we get today (Friday) off Oh I’m glad. The Y we’re taking classes at has a looooong set of stairs to the family dressing rooms and that is hard for me! But the kids are doing really well in the classes and Ethan especially doesn’t seem to be having problems with his water fears. I’m so happy about that.

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Squaw Creek Ranch said...

I have not visited for some time, boy you are getting close(like I need to tell you)! I am appalled your midwife even mentioned the THOUGHT of sweeping the membranes. Hokey pete, that is so early. I used to always have it done at 40 weeks, but then read it introduces bacteria into the uterus so now I do not ask for it. Jessica was born sick from GBS so that is the last thing I want to introduce. I feel for you at this stage, the excitement, anticipation, the aches and pains, the elbows and knees. I hope you enjoy the experience of a homebirth or birth center, whichever. I had three hospital births and 4 homebirths. Had I known what I know now, I would have given up my epidural(yes, you heard me right) and hospital stay for a homebirth. It's just so calm, quiet and the newborn seems calmer too. Praying for you dear cousin!!! I will be staying tuned a little more in anticipation.