Monday, August 09, 2010

Baby update

So the day after we returned from our trip, I had my high level ultrasound to check the arrhythmia that they’d found at 32 weeks.

It was good news. They confirmed that the heart structures were absolutely perfect. And that the type of arrhythmia was atrial, not ventricle, which is very good. They considered this a “normal variation” and no follow up or special precautions needed to be taken (unless it worsens or changes). Woo! I asked specifically if they felt it was safe for me to deliver in a freestanding birth center and the lady, much to my surprise, said, “I wouldn’t worry even if you were home birthing, so a birth center doesn’t cause me any concern at all”. Cool. She also knew my midwife and said it was a great place to deliver. I was surprised to hear that from someone who is in the highly medicalized field she’s in. Encouraging! Oh, she also added that based on their measurements and calculations, this baby was near 6 lbs! Now ultrasound estimates of weight are notoriously wrong so I’m taking it with a grain of salt, but it did take me by surprise! Gwen was only 6lbs, 5 oz at BIRTH! This boy could be big.

I had my midwife appointment afterwards and we discussed some of the birth details (eye goo, Vit K shot, etc) and I was so pleased that we were on the exact same page with everything. No “negotiating” needed. Also, I found out that the midwife comes to you 2-3 days after birth for a follow up check of you and the baby. How cool is that?

So most of my readers are aware of the names we’ve been batting around for this child. Right now, Henry James is the leader I think. Jason didn’t like it at first, but he’s come around a bit. We have a list of backups if he doesn’t look like a Henry. Caleb, Adam, Thomas. I like Tobias so much, but that’s my dogs name and that would just be too weird. Henry, as I found out after I’d liked the name, has a lot of family history on my Mom’s side so that is pretty cool. James is the name of Jason’s adopted Dad and is so special to him. I think the combination is lovely.

I’ve seem to hit a wall with energy and zest. I was doing ok up through the trip and even the first week back but since then I’ve been very blah. Sleep is strange, can’t get comfy, grumpy, annoyed, no motivation, daydreams of staying in bed all day reading or watching movies. I’m trying to focus on enjoying these last few weeks as I likely will not have another pregnancy but truthfully these are the least enjoyable weeks of any pregnancy, last or not! I hope they pass quickly.

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