Friday, July 16, 2010

A little excitement…

Yesterday was my 32 week visit with my midwife and I finally had questions to ask. I never have questions! I was so prepared, I even wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget.

Well, I get there and due to a mix-up with my blood draw last time they had to re-draw. No biggie. Then we go through the normal stuff of weight, blood pressure (still good, yay!), feeling the baby (head down, yay, lets stay that way), and then checking the heartbeat. We heard it right away, but something was odd. She listened and I listened and we both were like, “huh?”. Every couple beats there was an off beat. She put the Doppler down on another area and we listened again. Yep. Unmistakable. There was an arrhythmia. She told me she wanted me to have that looked at via ultrasound like now. She’d had this happen two times in her 7 years of practice and both times it turned out to be nothing, but better to have a look and make sure everything was ok. So I didn’t get to ask my questions and instead drove to the MRI place and got everyone stewed up with worry (including myself a little, though I know fetal arrhythmia is really common so I wasn’t totally freaked).

I had the ultrasound and the tech and I could see that every 5-8 beats there was a spike. She said that as far as arrhythmias go, this was really minor, in her non-doctor-so-don’t-hold-me-to-it opinion. The heart structures looked perfect, no holes, all 4 chambers, it looked just as it should. There was just this little irregularity. So I left feeling better, went home, Googled, felt better still, then the midwife called. I was a little afraid they were going to drop me because of risk, but nope. They just want me to go in next week for a fetal EKG to double check what the first place found. If it checks out, then no biggie. I can deliver with them, no worries, no need to change providers or take any special precautions or do anything out of the ordinary. This sort of thing often resolves right after birth and its quite possible that in two weeks when I go back in it will have already resolved!

Now, lets just hope that the next appointment will be a little less dramatic, yes?

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babyhellfire said...

Fingers crossed the next appointment goes well!