Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here are some pictures from Spokane. There were some taken of all the kids together and also a family picture, so I'll put those up once we get them (we didn't take any on our camera).

The boys (Tyler, Matthew, Ethan)

The girls (Jamie & Gwen)

Awww... they really did like each other!

Gwen barely tolerated this hat

Daddy and Ethan reading Bob the Builder

Gwen and Aunt Christie

Ethan doing his normal mess-making with popcorn

"Wow, this tree has decorations on it!" (our tree just has lights)


And for good measure, a picture of the bread I made with that recipe I posted the other day. The only change is that I cooked it in a 3qt saucepan instead of the 6-8qt dutch oven. Purty, isn't it?

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