Sunday, December 03, 2006

This blog will not be about the inane little details of my life, nor about my occasional obsessions with finding just the right Christmas dress for Gwen.

No, this blog will be a brag about Ethan and Gwennie-pooh.

Next time you see Ethan, ask him if he had a dream and what it was about. He really loves to talk about his dreams and they are sometimes quite facinating. For instance, for a number of days, every morning he told me that he dreamed of "Mommy being home". Sweet, but a little boring don't you think? Sometimes he'll say he dreamed Blues Clues, or Wonder Pets. Other times, its about elephants. This week, he surprised us by saying he dreamed about dragons. Dragons? Where did he see/hear about dragons? The best we can surmise is that he saw that trailer for the movie, Eragorn, which is all about dragons. Sometimes he dreams about car washes and those are always scary.

He's also quite the singer and belts out, "Twinkle Twinkle" or "Row your boat" or "ABC's" quite often while we're in the car. Of course, his favorite song (much to my embarassment) is "SexyBack". That kid will demand you play the song over and over and over again.

Gwen is no slouch either. Lately she has taken to hopping all over the house. Well, we call it hopping, but her feet rarely leave the ground. Rather, she propels herself up on tiptoes over and over again. Sometimes she actually gets air. Its a work in progress. Its terribly cute though :)

Her verbal skills are coming along very well. She's at the point where she will say a whole sentence, but you'll only make out a word or two. One of her favorite queries is, "Momma?", "Yes Gwen?", "Sound?" when she wants to know what she just heard. Its cute.

Ok, well, thats all for now... I'll include pics of what we did today and funny story to go along with it.

First, what we did.

Yep, we put up lights. Its the most lights I think we've ever done. We didn't do the front peak as its quite high and even with the ladder I just wasn't feeling brave enough to do it. It was a lot of work, mainly because we had to coordinate so many cords on so few outlets.

So here's the funny story. I go out to take these pictures at like 8pm. Jason locks the door behind me so the kids can't get out. Well, I head off the porch and spot this small white dog in the street. No big deal. There seems to be quite a few small dogs that wander around here.

However, this dog sees me, starts growling and dashes right at me. I turn back and try to open the door to the house, but its locked. The dog is now at the bottom of the steps and is growling and I'm swinging the camera thing that goes around your neck at it trying to keep him away. Keep in mind that the slightest nudge of my foot would have sent this dog flying but for some reason I was terrified. I'm yelling at Jason to open up and the meanie is laughing SO hard that he is incapable. Finally he does and I barge in and slam the door on the vicious little wretch. As son as I was inside, the humor became evident and I started laughing too.

After peeking out and seeing the coast was clear, I went back out and took these pictures. J was still giggling when I came back. Evidently, seeing your wife terrified of a small dog is good for a laugh :)

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