Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am tired.

I am weak.

I am lazy.

I am frustrated.

I am unmotivated.

I am distractible.

I am obsessive about some things and careless about other things.

I am stressed.

I am selfish.

This makes me feel sad.

This makes me feel angry.

This makes me feel ambivalent.

This makes me feel like a failure as a wife, mother, human.

I think I need a good cry.

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Your Mom said...

Enough of the cloudy falsehoods - focus on the truth:

I am a mother of two young children that require constant attention and training.

I am strong and capable – meeting my family’s needs as they arise.

I keep my home safe and pay attention to its warm, nurturing atmosphere.

I do the work necessary to feed and clothe myself and my family.

I tend to the most important things that need doing and occasionally manage to do others.

I work hard to stay balanced and recognize my failings as normal, requiring change over a period of time.

I rejoice and delight in my children and husband, recognizing they are God’s gifts to me.

I commit myself to standing up after falling, humbly asking forgiveness when I’ve done wrong.

I thank the Lord for my strength, my determination, my underlying healthy outlook on life.

I thank the Lord for the provision and loyalty of my husband.

I thank the Lord for the many blessings I’ve been given that others have not.

I remember to pay attention to the good that God does in and through me, thanking Him daily.

I laugh outloud with rejoicing at the sweetness of life!