Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lots to catch up on

So where to start?

Well, the most fun news is about Elsa. In the past two weeks, this little girl has been developing so fast. A few days ago she said, "dada" as well as "baba", and even something that sounds like "hello". She has been progressively getting scootier and scootier and the last few days in particular she's been getting one knee under and doing a hobbled crawl. I can set her down on one corner of the rug, go away for 5 minutes and find her sitting at the opposite corner! This afternoon I got her up from nap and found her sitting up... another milestone! She can now go from laying down to sitting. Wow! She's just surprising us each and every day lately.

On Thursday, the kids had their Christmas program which had been delayed due to the snow. Its really sweet, we wait outside the classrooms and the kids escort us in to the sanctuary and find us seats. Then they go and get cookies that they made and punch and serve all of us.

Grammy, Aunt Jenni, Nana and Daddy were able to come and participate. The kids loved having them there. Thanks guys!

I like this picture. Elly looks a lot older than she is... like she's having a chat with Grammy or something.

Elsa again (well, she IS my most easy to photograph child)

My pictures of their actual performance didn't come out. The church was dark and my camera really is poor in any sort of lighting other than daylight. I miss our super high tech camera that we sold :(

Do you see Ethan and Gwen?

The teachers gave them all a goodie bag and the kids could not wait to break it open and see what was inside.

Back at the table, Grammy was helping Gwen unpack her goodies and Mom was playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo with Elsa.

This picture warms my heart

We tried to get a decent picture of all three children. This was the best shot.

We had a great time and the kids did very well with their songs.

This next picture may offend some. See, well, Jason was trying to get the kids to eat their peas and was telling them to open their mouths while he tossed peas in. Yes, we are immature like that at times. I made a joke about, "Hey, be careful there Gwen or a pea will get stuck in your nose". Not 2 seconds later she's crammed a pea up there.

And about 2 seconds after I took this picture she started freaking out big time because it wouldn't come out. Luckily, a gentle nose blowing solved the problem. Mommy and Daddy learned their lesson :)

Both the kids were given $5 from their great-aunt Margaret for Christmas and we took them shopping on Friday to pick out their items. Gwen purchased a tiara, ring, necklace and earring set. Ethan got a small Lego set. Gwen got all dolled up in her "Cinderella" dress she got for Christmas and all her jewels.

She is a true princess. Its funny how when she gets all adorned like this, her whole attitude changes. She becomes a little more mellow, a bit more aloof. She curtsies and bows formally and with great poise and grace.

Oh, one more thing. I was shown this article on my message board and tried it last week. I made a few changes, but wow, it makes bread making very convenient! Basically you prepare a dough and refrigerate it for up to two weeks. When you want bread, you pull out the dough, lop off a 1lb hunk (grapefruit sized piece), shape and let rise for 40 min or so. Bake for 30min and voila!

Ya'll should give it a try... 5 Minutes a Day for Fresh Baked Bread


Tina said...

Those pics are so cute. Elsa is getting so big. I am loving the cinderella dress and jewelry. My litte one loves to dress up like that too.

Joy said...

Hi, Kristi. I hope you don't mind me snooping on your blog. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts, especially the recipe ones. I am looking forward to trying this bread one. What a great idea! I love baking, so this one sounds perfect for our family.

Ms. Burrows said...

I've given you an award.