Monday, January 26, 2009

"Later today" ends up meaning 4 days later

Funny how that works... best laid plans often get mussed up with 3 kids and what seems easy to do in a few hours gets put off 4 days!

So here are, without further ado, some recent pics.

Ethan lugging our diaper/entertainment bag from the hotel to the car. It was heavy, but he's a trooper

Cousin Tyler with Elly

Cousin Tyler and cousin Matthew

Gwen and Grandma

Some of the kids playing during the get-together

Aunt Christy with Elly

Elsa on my lap opening a present

Gwen and cousin Jamie playing with a princess cd player

They both found it fascinating

I thought I had more pictures of our get-together, but I guess not. Christy or Ang, if you have more send them to me!

These are from the kid's first soccer practice

Coach Rich instructing the kids on some ground rules

Whenever Coach says, "Orange line!", all the kids have to run over there and put their toes on the line. Helps him maintain order :)

Poor Elsa wasn't feeling well

Gwen making sure Coach Rich saw her mad soccer skillz

I really don't like how our camera takes pictures in fluorescent lighting. Bah. Anyway, they're up now!

Today I hauled everyone to the store for grocery shopping. Luckily, this time when I got home, a whole gallon of milk didn't spill out of my cargo area and break open on my feet and spread milk all over my pants and sidewalk like last week. That was not fun! And it happened right in front of a bunch of people too which only added to my embarrassment.

Baby has been sleeping a lot better, well, at night anyway. Thank you Lord!

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Ms. Burrows said...

Goodness, those little ones sure are getting BIG! Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun.