Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making something out of (almost) nothing

So we're on this budget thing... I've mentioned it before. Its the plan from The Total Money Make Over by Dave Ramsey. Can't recommended it highly enough. Its not exaggerating to say that his concepts have totally changed our life. And not in the "Eeew budgeting!" way, but in the "Wow, we can live on what we make and not have to put essentials on the credit card (or use credit. At all)" way.
Anyway, that is not the point of this post!

We're on this budget, and that means that I get x amount of dollars every two weeks for groceries and household stuff. And sometimes, a person just really wants to go to Costco. And sometimes that person gets a little carried away at Costco and spends almost all her allotted money on beautiful cuts of meat and other lovely proteins.

I was left with very little money for other things to cook with those proteins, so all this week its been an interesting scavenge in the cupboards.

One of the things I made was this dreadful, and I do mean terribly dreadful, crock pot recipe of brown rice and chicken. It only cooked for 4 hours, and I started with frozen chicken breasts even, but it was bone dry and the rice was a solid mass of overcooked rice. Bland too. No one took more than the tiniest nibble.

Last night I made my Grammy's Overnight Lasagna, but didn't overnight it. Just gave it about 5 hours in the fridge. That came out good luckily (we needed a good meal after the night before), even with my substitution of cheddar for mozzarella.

After nearly a week of having to stretch my creativity around whatever I could scrounge up, I'm so glad I'm almost done. Tomorrow is payday, and although we are leaving for Spokane for a few days, when I return I can restock my cupboards and fridge and actually have some fresh fruit (yay!) and veggies and peanut butter.


Ms. Burrows said...

Sorry about the Brown Rice and Chicken. It can be challenging at times keeping to a strict budget. Especially when one has access to a Costco. :D Good job though, sounds like you're doing great!

The DeCants said...

I have been doing the budget thing too! Along with trying to be healthier! We have been having alot of rice! Some of the meals I made, I must admit, were not the best but its keeping us from spending money! I love the Total Money Makeover, I need to reread it!

I was just dreaming about going to Costco this morning and wondering what I could buy if I had extra money! Costco is hard to get out of there without spending hundreds of dollars!