Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lazy blogger

I want to do better people, I really really do. And its not like there has been a shortage of things to blog about... but, like keeping my house neat and tidy, it just doesn't get done most days.

Here's what I'm most excited about at the moment. I'm having my wisdom teeth removed. Yah, I'm excited about it. Weird, I know! After I saw my teeth on an x-ray and realized how impacted they were, it kinda clicked with me. Increasing frequency of migraine/severe headache over the past years. Often accompanied by neck, ear, and jaw pain... hmmm. I have high hopes that having them removed will decrease my headaches. I'm getting it done March 2nd. I only wish it could be sooner!

So guess who is a crawling machine? Elsa! She's doing amazing. Just last week she started doing the army crawl, much to the glee of her siblings. She is pretty swift at it too. The last few days she's been up on her knees and taking a few crawls before going back to the army style, so she's almost there. I have some video I need to edit and then will upload so you can see her in action.

I also feel some sharp nubs on her gums finally! I'm hoping that we'll have teeth here soon. She's also saying Dada, baba, Mama, and some other sounds... talking our ears off.

Ethan and Gwen are doing great in school and with soccer. Gwen is excelling in penmanship and consistently gets high marks in her class for her attentiveness and ability to follow rules and direction. She adores her teachers and never fails to give them great running hugs whenever she sees them (in school or otherwise).

Ethan is doing well also, though he struggles with writing. I'm practicing with him, but he frustrates easily. I'm not pushing him however. He's still young and I don't want to burn him out or make him feel like its hopeless. He's getting really good at picking words out and I think I may start working with him on reading soon. He is totally immersed with Lego, Star Wars and Indiana Jones right now. Its all he talks about, and his imaginative play revolves around those things. Sometimes I just have to ask him to stop talking for a little bit because I simply cannot answer another question about Star Wars, especially when I know next to nothing anyway. I should have him call an expert like Aunt Becki or Aunt Jenni. In fact, that's a very good idea.... ;)

Perhaps its the recent string of good weather, but I'm feeling weighed down by all the stuff in our house. I recently read a book on organization and de-cluttering and I'm inspired. I'm going to tackle a room at a time, put some thought and effort to making it easier to keep clean and organized, and weed out all the extras. Gwen and Elsa, in particular, have WAY too many clothes. Gwen does not need 20 pairs of leggings! One of the reasons that I'm never caught up with laundry is that there is always overflowing baskets for the girls and it takes me an hour to put away. I seldom have an hour free for that, so it never gets done. That's going to stop. I'm also weeding out our books, DVDs, CD's and what not. I'm tired of every surface being stacked with something. Enough!

Last night I attended a sewing class at Calvary Chapel and had fun. Right now its just me, another lady that I know from pre-school and MOPS, a young girl, and the teacher. I'm a little ahead of the others as far as knowledge and skills, but I'm still eager to pick up tips and tricks and learn what I can. Our next project will be making a pair of pajama pants (something I haven't done), and I really want to pick the teachers brain about how to modify patterns for individual bodies. I have things I want to make, but my measurements put me in three different sizes, thus the finished product is always too big somewhere and too small somewhere else. I think it'll be fun.

We just came in from a busy day of dropping E off at school, library, picking E up from school and then playing the park for a couple of hours. I'm worn out, and the house is a disaster. Jason just IM'd me that he's headed home, so I must get off the computer and make it look like I've been productive today :)

Here's to hoping that I can break my once-a-week blogging habit and post again soon!

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