Thursday, February 05, 2009

So tired

Ha. I'm blogging today. So there, once-a-week blogging habit. I've beaten you!

Ah hem.

Miss Elsa likes to wake early in the morning. Oh-so early. Jason usually brings her into bed before he gets ready for the day, so that's around 4:30-5am. Sometimes I can get her back to sleep, other times she's raring to go. This morning she was in bed with me at around 5:30 and then after nursing decided to scream and cry for 45 minutes for no apparent reason. Not fun! Finally I turned on the TV and that did the trick. She watched for a few minutes and then was happy as a clam. What is that about?

Last night, Ethan did something quite naughty. During nap he got up to use the bathroom and got into the hair shampoo. He made puddles of shampoo on the counters, over two clean baskets of laundry and left puddles all over the carpeting. My poor carpet. The small portion left in the entire house gets ALL the bad stuff. I was speechless with dismay when I saw it all. I got some tips on how to remove it, and today while the kids were in school I *think* I got most of it up by scraping it up first and then scraping off the foam from when I wet and blotted the spots on the carpet. I'm going to go back over it with my carpet cleaner as well and see if I can't suck the rest of it out of the carpet.

After school today we went over to Mom's house for our semi-regular Thursday visit. I guess her and Aunt Deanne have been seeing quite a few wild animals (bear, cougar and lynx) lately, so the kids did NOT venture outside alone.

Tonight for dinner, I'm making a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, The Pioneer Woman. We're having her "My Most Favorite Burger Ever", except I just can't make patties that are 1lb each. That is WRONG. No one needs to eat a pound of beef. No one should want to either.


Squaw Creek Ranch said...

I know it's not funny, but it is. Too an outsider who didn't have to clean it! I made an album called "What We Will Miss" it choronicles most all the really bad and not so bad things in our home. Binkies floaiting in the toilet. a package of hot dogs fresh from the fridge with a bite out the side, complete with plastic missing, paint from a paint roller aaaaall the way down the hall carpet and up the wall, you get the idea. Keep it up, you are a GREAT mom & you will make you laugh many years from now. :)

Amber said...

I hope u are able to get all of it out of the carpet. :/ Good luck!!