Friday, February 27, 2009

Pneumonia, again.

Yep, little Ethan has pneumonia. He had it two years ago as well. I worry about him... he's so susceptible to every cold that comes by and having pneumonia twice already doesn't seem good. I need to know how to keep him healthier. There has to be a way that he doesn't catch every little bug he comes across.

He's had that cough that everyone in Washington seems to have for a couple weeks. After school yesterday he came home and quickly developed a fever and was lethargic. We remembered that this was how it started last time so we didn't take any chances and took him to the walk-in clinic. His lungs sounded 'crackly', so they did a chest x-ray and sure enough, pneumonia. It was just a little spot though, not so bad. I'm glad we didn't wait another day. He's on antibiotics now and hopefully will be feeling better soon. Last night was really rough as he couldn't stop coughing. He slept with us and coughed so hard and long that he threw up at 2am and J had to change the sheets while I googled some tips on how to help him not to cough so much. After throwing up (and us propping him up into an almost sitting position), he was able to sleep.

After we took E to the walk-in clinic, we came home and my Mom graciously watched Ethan since she was in town while we kept our dinner date with April and her family. We went to Famous Dave's for BBQ and it was great! We'll definitely be going back.


Becki said...

Poor baby. Give him a big hug and kiss from his Aunt Becki. Go ahead and give everyone a hug and kiss for me too. I miss you all!

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Poor thing! I hope it clears up soon, sounds terrible. Did you get your teeth pulled? How are YOU? I was thinking of you today.