Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wisdom teeth out = pain

Oh I was naive to think that it wouldn't be "that bad". Its that bad, plus. Seriously, this is more uncomfortable and painful than childbirth!

My teeth were really wedged in there and the surgery took 30 minutes longer than usual. I was so out of it that I have no recollection of going home and being put in bed. I was completely in lala land until about 4:30pm. Mom (bless her heart 100x) took the kids home with her last night and will drop them off at school which is an enormous help.

Today I'm swollen up to my eyes and can barely move my mouth. Not so much pain as much as discomfort and soreness. It just took me an hour to nibble down little pieces of banana. I'm starving!

At least its done now. Hopefully this will all help with my headache problems!


Murphy's Law said...

Feel better soon, Kristi!

Anonymous said...

So sorry it hurts, honey. Hope it gets better real soon! If you need help, call.