Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who needs sleep?

My oh my.

Last night we had a doozy folks.

I was having some serious pain and I took a Percoset and went to bed. About an hour later I'm woken by Gwen coughing and coughing and coughing. I go in there and try to make her comfy and prop her up. I return to bed, fall asleep for maybe 15 min and am woken again by Gwen and Elsa coughing. I remember the honey trick, so I run downstairs and get honey to give to Gwen. She takes it and I nurse the baby and hope that everyone will get back to sleep. Its now about 12:30am, my face is throbbing and I can barely keep my eyes open. I go to lay the baby down but she immediately starts screaming (Mom, you know, you saw it the other day). I'm like, "Noooooo!". So Gwen is still coughing up a storm so I send her into our bed. I work on Elly for awhile, but every time I lay her down she starts crying. Finally I just lay her down and walk out because I can't do it anymore. I take my second Percoset for pain.

30 min later (around 1:30), Jason gets up to help the baby, who still is fussing. He can't settle her down so he brings her to me. So we have two kids in the bed. J knows he won't be able to sleep so he goes downstairs to sleep on the couch. One hour later, Ethan comes in telling me that he's wet his bed and wanting to get into bed with me. I wasn't really comfortable with all three kids being in there, so I told him to go sleep in Gwen's bed. All through this time, I would fall asleep and either the baby would be tossing and turning and want to nurse or Gwen would be coughing hard and threatening to throw up. At 4:30, J's alarm goes off and he gets ready for work. This wakes up everyone and that was pretty much the extent of our sleep.

I got up, looked at my face (which is so large that I look like a caricature of myself), nearly threw up from nausea and started to cry. Oh I cried for about an hour. Guess what? Crying doesn't help your appearance when you already are swollen!

So we're not doing school today, we're not doing anything. When Jason gets home, or the kids fall asleep, I will shower. But that is the extent of my day.


Holly said...

Oh, what a horrible night. :( I hope you get a chance to grab a nap sometime today.

Just remember (and this is going to sound overly dramatic, but I hope you get my point), you are a hero. Just as much as a soldier in the trenches. You are a mother in no sleep, sick kids, fussy babies, pain...

You are admired and appreciated, and your sacrifice WILL pay off!

Mom said...

Well said, Holly...I agree.
By choosing to endure such days and nights, facing and faithfully performing your duty under such are a hero. I have deepest respect for the kind of faithfulness I see in you young mothers.

Murphy's Law said...

Oh Kristi! I hope you feel better soon and that they all sleep for you! I will stop complaining about my night and the fact that I slept with a 4 year old's foot in my back all last night. Sure beats the night you had! Get some rest!

DARALYN said...

SO GLAD you have a mom who can come and spell you and SO GLAD that you are going back to the dentist today!

Loving you