Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Party Weekend

Last weekend we had two parties for Ethan. He turned 5!

Can you believe this was him five years ago?

Our festivities started out on Saturday with a party for his friends at Jungle Playland in Mt. Vernon. We had a great time, with lunch and cake and presents and LOTS of running around and playing. I doubt there was a child that did not leave that party absolutely exhausted!

His cake (it looked really cool, if I do say so myself).

Gwen, because she wanted her picture taken too

Grady and Ryan on the rides

Elsa pointing (look at that great ponytail on her head!)

Mom and Elsa and April and Grady

Gibson, Ethan and Aunt Jenni playing a video game

Eating lunch in the party room

Ethan (with a VERY helpful Gwen, bless her heart) opening gifts

Part of Ethan's birthday package was a free laser tag rental. This gun was HUGE. Massive! Nearly as tall as he was. Luckily, he was able to trade for a smaller one with Aunt Jenni.

Elsa again, just because. Her face is really maturing.

Ethan, Laura and Gwen. Ethan's got a little crush on Laura :)

The amazing Gwen easily scaling the rock wall over and over

After this full day, we had a family party on Sunday. Oh, it was so nice to have everyone over and catch up. I don't have any pictures (what was I thinking?) but I did snap one of Becki, holding Elsa in a sling she brought home from Guatemala. Its basically a square of fabric, folding crosswise into a triangle and then tied on your shoulder. Bam. Even more simple than my simple ring sling! Elsa liked it a lot.

I have to include these two pictures of the girls the other day. It was just after lunch and I was doing my regular lunchtime TWOP reading. I realize it is quiet... I look to my right and there is Elsa, dead asleep in her highchair.

I woke her up, finding an imprint of a cheerio on her forehead by the way, and went to find the other missing child.

Ah, there she is. This is what happens when your children insist on waking up at 5:30am!

By the way, Gwen slept like this as a baby, as a toddler, and now as a child. I tried it once. Not comfy. I wonder how long she'll sleep with crossed legs tucked under her?

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Becki said...

There is a lady in her 20's who goes to Guatemala with us who still sleeps that way! Its crazy!