Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Back in the land of the living

*deep breath*

March is finally over. March was a challenging month for me, between the three weeks of pain after wisdom teeth removal (much better now by the way!) and my firstborn turning 5, and then, just to round out the end of the month, a VERY nasty cold virus hit Elly, Gwen and I. I, because life is funny, suffering the worst of the three. Luckily March of 2009 will never have to be re-visited. Good riddance I say!

This is the first day that I don't feel really sick. Its been a full week since we were exposed by April and her boys. I'm not blaming her....! She warned me and I blew it off thinking it would just be a little cold, some sniffles, yada yada. The baby is still recovering, and Gwen bounced up after only two days.

Unfortunately, something very nasty spoiled my first "feel good" day in over a week... I got out of bed and smelled plastic melting. Now I can't smell very good yet, still a lot of congestion, so I kinda blew it off thinking I wasn't smelling right. But it lingered and was very strange. Finally, I notice that the dishwasher is flashing an error. I open it up and an extremely hot wave of air comes out. Sigh. This %#!!$%& peice of crap dishwasher (which, by the way we've had not even 3 weeks and had problems from the start) had erred out during a heat cycle and never turned off. All night (I started it at around 8pm) it was heating. There was melted plastic from various things that couldn't stand the prolonged heat. Oh man. NOT HAPPY. It just so happens that today we are finally going to have the repairman come from our intial troubleshooting call the day after we bought the dishwasher (yes, 3 weeks later...) and I swear that if he gives me or J any crap I'm so going to let loose. I have a long list of grievances I want to air about this peice of poo dishwasher that Lowes won't take back now because its been more than 7 days.

*another deep breath with calming thoughts*

So, the kids started swimming lessons last week and have really been enjoying them. Ethan is still a little uptight in the water, but is improving every lesson. Its great exercise for the kids... we get home and they eat dinner and are pretty much immediately ready for bed!

I'm briefly laying aside my quilting project for Michelle and Peter to make myself an Easter dress. I found a darling pattern, which I think I will be able to use many times, and have been saving some very special fabric to use when the right pattern came along. This style is perfect for the fabric. I'm making the shorter one with sleeves. Yes, its very plain, but that is perfect for the fabric I'm using! I really like the look of the halters too, and will be trying those out as well. Its always so nerve-wracking to use my special fabrics which cost me a lot of money. I don't want to waste them on something that won't work out! But this is a very simple pattern so I think it'll be ok.

Simplicity 2642

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Squaw Creek Ranch said...

I's go straight to the manufacturer. Skip the dealer and repair man. Call them and don't hang up until you get somewhere. That could have caught fire and is dangerous, legally they can not turn a blind eye to that. That is the stuff recalls are made of. Just last week I had an air vaporizer that melted inside, it was 8 years old. I called the manufacterer and told them what happened and they are replacing it for free, because it is a dangerous situation. 8 years old mind you. It never hurts to try.