Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleep... its a good thing

Elsa is sleeping. She is sleeping quite well actually. Two nights ago, she actually slept 11 hours in a stretch. 11! That's never ever been done in Elsa's short history. Most nights she's still waking up once, but that is a huge improvement. She's also napping pretty well, as long as we put her down to sleep in the swing. Bad habit, but hey, if it works it works.

The sewing fairy has been visiting me lately, in the form of Gwen's pre-school teacher. She used to sew, but doesn't any more and has been passing on stuff to me! Last week she gave me some lengths of corduroy and flannel, and today she had a big bag of patterns and more fabric. Wow! What a blessing. I just wish I had more hours in the day to actually use all this. Luckily, I got a huge (ugly) wardrobe from my Mom to store all my sewing stuff in. I'm going to need to get on that ASAP so I can make order out of my fabric and patterns. Right now its just a jumble that is spilling out of the coat closet and the office/sewing room!

We are coming up on the 2nd anniversary of my Grandpa's death. I miss him so much. I still feel like maybe he's just on a trip and I'll see him soon. Well, I guess that is true in a way, but then the realization that no, I will not ever see him again on this earth strikes and its like a little cut on my heart again. Easter always brings back memories because it was the last time I saw him outside of a hospital bed. A few weeks after that he passed away. I remember that Easter very very well. He was wearing a yellow gingham shirt, his black leather jacket and a baseball cap. He was not well... not well at all. But he was there. Ethan was very sick that Easter with pneumonia (though he hadn't been diagnosed yet) and slept through the entire thing. Grandpa was too weak to come outside for the egg hunt, so him and Grammy stayed inside. I came in often to check on Ethan and I remember passing by Grandpa many times and thinking, "Wow, he just doesn't look like himself at all". He was so weak. Its a sad remembrance, but I'm glad its there. I'm glad to remember him, and those events, even if they are not particularly joyful.

I have some cute video of the kids singing that I'll try to put up later today. The camera is still in my purse which is in the car and I don't want to run out right now and get it :)

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