Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

Today is the second anniversary of you leaving this world. Last year, I just kinda ignored the dates because it was too sad. This year, the exact dates mean more to me. Maybe its because we'll be going to Chelan and visiting your memorial on your birthday this year. I can't wait to sit on your rock, reminisce with the kids and tell Elsa all about her Poppa.

You would be really proud of the kids and all they've done these past two years. They are different kids from when you last saw them. More grown up, starting to read and write. You never met Elsa, but I think you would get a kick out of her fiery spirit and developing sense of humor. The kids talk about you a lot. I need to get your pictures up on the wall so they can see you more often. I want Elsa to know all about you too, because you had such an important impact on her siblings and parents and grandparents.

Jason and I are doing fine. I think we've really grown up over the last two years too! I know you'd be happy with how we've changed our lives and are being smart about finances. When Jason negotiated brilliantly for our Suburban, we both were sad that you weren't there to celebrate it... You were the one who inspired Jason to be so tough. I plan on picking up piano again this year and starting to teach the kids. I know that you would really enjoy that Grandpa. I never saw you more touched and excited than when us grandkids would put on a concert with all our instruments.

When I last saw you, I told you how thankful I was for the legacy you left us. Thank you again for that. Thank you for teaching us all through your example how important and vital family is. How always making an effort to do the right thing, help others, and stay connected is part of living a good life. Thank you for loving us so much.

I hope you can hear the messages that Gwen sends you through her prayers. I told her that if she asked, God would pass it on to you.

We miss you so much.


Becki said...

Egads..why did you have to make me start crying first thing in the morning! I was doing just fine until I read your blog!

Holly said...

I wish so much Grandpa had been able to meet Elsa, Cian, Cienna and Brooke. He would have been so proud of them and they would have been so blessed to have met him.

Deanne said...

I couldn't read any blogs on the day of Dad's passing (It was all I could do to watch the heart wrenching video you put together for his memorial service, believe me I cried and I cried). But today I felt brave and enjoyed every word that was written. Thank you. Dad counted so much in our lives and each one of us counted so much to him. I value the lessons that he taught by example and I can only hope to do the same.