Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy days

It seems that every day has been full lately.

On Saturday we attended my friend Abby's 30th birthday party. She had a 70's theme and everyone (except us) dressed up SO awesomely. It was great! I have a funny video I need to post but it has to be edited. Coming soon...

Do you know that my little boy will be 5 this Sunday? We're having a party for his friends at Jungle Playland this Saturday, then a small party on Sunday for family. Today he brought in cupcakes for his class. He was really excited about that.

We signed both the kids up for swimming lessons at the Everett Y. It was the only place that had openings, because we waited too long. Its twice a week from 5:15-5:45 which isn't the best for us, but its only for a month. After that is over, Gwen will start ballroom dancing lessons! She is over-the-moon excited about that class. It should be really fun and exactly what she is interested in.

Yesterday I visited my local craft/fabric store and found that its going out of business. Sad news, because it was a great resource for cheap fabric and part of my sewing success is due in part to not being too afraid to mess up because its only $3.99 a yard fabric. I have a huge bin of very expensive fabric that I still haven't used because messing that up is way more expensive! It also means that I'll need to cross the trestle anytime I want to get something. Blah. Good news is that everything was on sale and I left with two huge bags of fabric for cheap.

The reason I was there yesterday getting fabric is exciting. I'm making a quilt for Michelle and Peter. My very first! And in typical Kristi style, it will be a ginormous project. No starting with baby quilts for me, oh no. This will be a King size quilt, about 120x108. I'm really looking forward to trying this out.

Here are the fabrics I chose... I'm going to be doing a simple 9 patch, maybe a disappearing 9 patch. I don't know yet.

The bottom fabric, the one you can't see very well, is one of my favorites. Its apples on a black background. It'll be darling I think.

Teeth are STILL hurting and I'm in my 3rd week since surgery now. I know it will have to go away eventually. Its not horrible pain, but enough that I have to take ibuprofen daily. This whole thing has really kinda brought my spirits low. I cannot imagine how people with chronic pain do it... Even my relatively minor pain has such an impact on my mood.

The little darling refuses to sleep at all during the day, although she's very tired. I know I've blogged about this before. Its really the biggest issue for her. The last two days I've tried letting her cry it out a bit at naptime (she's usually so tired in the evenings because she doesn't nap that she drops off with no problems). Its not going well because she does not give up. 3 hours the first day, 3 hours the second day. I go up there frequently and pat her back, lay her back down, tell her its sleep time and even then she's starting to drift off... but when I leave its back up crying. Its not screaming or anything, just fussing. The other two kids were so different. I know you can't compare one to the others, but its hard not to. I feel so frustrated by the situation, especially since its been going on for over 6 months now! She is not getting enough sleep. She will sleep if we hold her, but not if we put her down. I've taken to slinging her on my back and she'll zonk out fast that way, but I can't do it for long because it makes my back hurt and really limits what I can do.

Complain, complain, complain :) I told Jason that I will not always be so miserable. Bless him, he said that I wasn't being miserable, but I know that is not true. Between this wisdom teeth thing and the never ending struggle for sleep, I have been miserable for a long time now.


Murphy's Law said...

Kristi, if she's dozing off when you are patting her back, keep patting til she falls asleep. Once she has that down, you can start to wean her off the pats. That's what we did with Murphy. Lucky for me, Anders just loves to go to sleep - no problems there! But I paid my dues with Murphy and it looks like Elsa is going to do the same to you. Good luck. Hope you can get some rest.

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Praying for you sleep and pain dear sister! I'd offer advice but at this point I am sure you have tried everything. Have you tried the 5 day cry-a-thon? Set a 24hr schedule and stick to it whether she is crying or not in bed? Oops, is that advice? That is big guns for me and have only had to do it with two babies. It worked for a while, then we had to do another 3 day cry-a-thon. Then it worked for good with a little help here and there. Some kids, I tell ya. She WILL be sleeping through by age 12, does that help? I promise.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see finished squares of your quilt. I love the patterns you picked out. Have fun!