Monday, March 09, 2009

I love my husband

Not only has he tolerated a full week of me (literally) crying a few times a day over my pain, but he's empathized and done what he can to lighten my load.

Then today, when we had this unexpected snow storm dump seven inches of snow in three hours, and after he himself spent 3 stressful hours on the road trying to get home from Lynnwood (a mere 12 miles away!) in said snow, he turned around about 30 minutes later and drove everyone to the dentists office.

See, today I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth packs out. I'd been anxiously awaiting this day because I'd been told that the discomfort would ease once that was done. However, we had so much snow that it was unlikely we could make it out. After Jason got home and told me how bad the roads were, I called to cancel (after crying my eyes out, natch). The receptionist said, "Oh no! Is there any way you can make it in? These really should come out today and we can't get you in till Thursday and they will be quite painful by then". I told her there really wasn't a way and re-scheduled. Then I cried my eyes out some more.

I told J what she said and he immediately said, "Then we'll get you there" and off we went. In that short 30 minutes between when he'd arrived home and we left, the temp had warmed considerably and the roads were much much better. In fact, once we got over the trestle, there was no snow at all on the roads.

Packs came out, I was happy, J was happy that it didn't take us forever to get home and I'm especially thrilled to have a husband who was willing to go above and beyond so I could have some relief today.

What a guy

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