Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, not quite... but close.

My Mom and Jenni took Ethan and Gwen with them to Eastern Washington to visit our family over there and to go hooky-bobbing. That means that just the wee babe is here. Its been oddly quiet and clean around here since they left. Its nice. But its strange too. Elsa definitely misses her brother and sister. She bored because there are no kids running around, no little voices to talk to her, no sibling to sit down and play with her.

Today we tackle the kid's rooms, which I'm NOT looking forward to. Its going to be a lot of work to get them back in order. But it must be done while they are gone so there is no getting around it.

The kids had Valentines Day party at school on Thursday and Ethan came home with this darling V-Day card. He wrote his first sentence in it. "I love you Mom and Dad". Oh man, its so sweet.

Jason and I went out later that night to Jak's Grill for dinner. After circling the block many times trying to find parking (there is almost none), we found some a few blocks away and got in. Then we had to wait 45 minutes for a table because they don't take reservations. Whew! But, the food was good (its one of the better steakhouses in Seattle, and well-priced too) and it was fun to get out. I love trying new restaurants. We often try new places for our nights out and really, I wouldn't want to change that. I love food, I love trying new dishes that I wouldn't try at home.

Oh! I called the kids last night to see how their trip over there went and Ethan lost a tooth! I'm a little worried because my Mom said it was one of the back ones and if its a molar, it could be very very bad. I'm praying that I misunderstood and its just an incisor. I'm rather stressed about it. I didn't worry until it was too late to call and double check what tooth fell out, so I'm going to call this morning and hopefully put my mind at ease. That kid isn't even 5 yet (next month) and is losing teeth. Geesh!

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