Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Elsa


1 year old... I can't believe its been that long. Every day has felt long, but the weeks and months go fast. She seems too small to be that old.

We held a party for her on Sunday. She fit the dress that Gwen wore for her first birthday perfectly, though she didn't appreciate the skirt sticking under her knees and making it hard to crawl. The weather was perfect... warm and gentle.

Right before the party I tried to take a few "beauty" shots. Elsa was NOT cooperative, but we got a few good ones. I'm putting them all up though because I think she looks darling in her dress!

Unfortunately, after these photo set was taken, Ethan dropped my camera on the pavement and its now bollixed. I've gone through two of those cameras now... I guess we're tough on them. The rest of the pictures were taken with our video camera and are therefore very poor in quality.

Her personal cake. It looks huge here, but the plate is a very small lunch plate. Though, we did find that it was still far too much cake for Elsa!

Doesn't she look excited? Heh.


Frosting in the eye... the sign that the fun is over!

We gave her a sink bath after she was done and she zonked out pretty fast in Grandma Karen's arms soon after. I will tell you though, that girl ate a LOT of cake. I was impressed.

After everyone had left the kids were watching TV. It becomes quiet. The show has ended, and the children aren't talking. We peek over the couch to find...

It was a busy day for everyone!

Today Gwen was supposed to have her field trip the Kangaroo Farm. Unfortunately, its been raining (as in downpour) since last night and it was canceled due to excessive mud. You can imagine that she was very very disappointed... poor thing. Her teachers still held school today though and it was a day of fun with pizza, popsicles and games.

Ethan has his class field trip this Thursday. We're going to tour my favorite grocery store, Central Market. I'm very excited about this. More so than Ethan!

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