Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are going to homeschool

So I think we've officially decided to home-school Ethan next year. We have really agonized over the decision. Gwen will still attend pre-k at the church pre-school next year. We love the school and the teachers and the kids seem to really enjoy the experience. That will also give me a "warm up" year to get used to home-schooling. Its strange, although I grew up home-schooled and almost everyone I knew was home-schooled, it still frightens me. Perhaps because I know my own weaknesses and organization, planning and follow-through are not at the top of my character qualities. Perhaps its knowing that we are solely responsible for every aspect of our children's education.

I will tell you there is a large part, a VERY large part, of me that just wants to get over my uneasiness and send the kids to a public or private school. I have enjoyed the hours during the week when its just me and Elsa, running errands and doing little task are much easier with 1 child instead of 3. I worry about feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, like I often do now... without having the added responsibility of schooling.

Perhaps the biggest reason I've reluctantly agreed with home-schooling is that Jason has done a complete 180 on it. When we first married and had children, he wasn't interested at all in home-schooling. We had agreed that a private school would be the path we'd take. Yet over the years his position started to change and now he feels very differently than before. Jason doesn't change his mind very often. When he does, its worth paying attention to.

In other news, speaking of Jason, he just went to bed after working a 24 hour shift. Yep. He started yesterday at 6am and stopped this morning at around 7:30am. He had some upgrades to do at work, but everything went to heck in a handbasket right before the upgrade and he, and a few co-workers in Cincinnati, worked all evening, through the wee hours and into the morning to resolve the problem. He came home around midnight (thank goodness, I could finally fall asleep), had dinner, and settled in. I awoke this morning and found the bed still empty. I couldn't believe he was still working! Around 3am he had to make coffee and had most the pot drunk by the time I got up at 5:30am (yes, 5:30. My children punish me with their early waking!). He's not a good day sleeper, so I don't know how rested he's going to be today, poor guy. I'm proud of him though. This is why his superiors give him such glowing reports. He works his butt off and does it with good nature and skill, even when he's running on empty.

I washed all the downstairs windows yesterday. Its amazing how much brighter and clearer the light is in the house! I also scrubbed most the mildew off the shady parts of the patio. Still will need to rent my parents pressure washer though.

My garden is very very slowly growing. The only thing really growing with vigor is parsley, which is kinda funny because I've had no luck growing it in the past! Carrots haven't grown at all in about 3 weeks. Beets are still tiny. Lettuce pretty much the same. Radishes took off the last few days, but even the biggest ones are the size of a pencil eraser. Tomato's got weather burned a little by the unexpected freezing temps we've had off and on at night. Basil is weak weak... just barely holding on. It even looks sad.

Go parsley!

Sad basil

Happy, mop-headed, dirt-eating, child

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