Saturday, October 21, 2006

I made a nummy dinner...

Varkenhaas (Pork tenderloin with mustard sauce)
Braised Fennel
Baked yams

Very delish.

Today we went to Haggen and got some pumpkins and gourds. I got a white pumpkin this year and I feel that I need to do an extra special design on it. We got a really big one for the kids... I'm thinking we're going to do Blue from Blue's Clues. I got some blue christmas lights to put in the pumpkin to make him really blue. Ethan should love it.

We are still searching for a car. Its hard to know how much to spend and what to get. Such a blessing that my parents lent us Dad's commuter car.

Tomorrow we are heading to my Mom's for lunch and a visit with Uncle Shawn and Aunt Jenni, who are stopping here on their way from Alaska, headed to Europe. So jealous of their world travels! Aunt Daralyn also came in from E. WA to see Grandpa and so she will be there as well.

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