Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just a quick note to say and let you know how our trip is going.

We were held on the tarmac in SLC for about an hour due to bad weather. Then we were in air for about 4 hours. By the end, Shel and I were going cabin crazy. And we were starved. They didn't give us dinner, but just crappy little snacks and stuff.

Peter met us in baggage and awww, it was so cute to see him and Shelly hugging and all that. I snapped a picture of it :) It sure was good to see him after our long travels.

We got to our hotel at around 1:30 am (Boston time, so 10:30 Seattle time) and were ravenous. Nothing was open so we had a pizza delivered and fell upon it and devoured!

I zonked at about 2:45 and woke up about 7 hrs later. Shelly says I kicked her out of the bed but that is so not true!

Peter came and took us to lunch at Applebees, then we headed off to Laurie's. We took the long way, which was so beautiful. The foliage and architecture around here is vastly superior to what we have. It was a very pleasent trip, especially after we found a Starbucks and got our coffee fix.

We arrived at Laurie and Mark's house around 3 and took a walk with them around their beautiful property and a graveyard that is next door. Its so nice out here. I just love it! Their daughter Murphy is just darling and I've really enjoyed my time with them. A mild bout with nausea (along with a headache) kept me from dinner, but after a nap I felt so much better and just ate a delicious piece of pie that Laurie made.

Tomorrow we venture out to Boston on the subway to see Mark finish his marathon. Should be fun.

Love ya all, but especially my babies.

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