Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When it rains, it most definitely pours. If we didn't already have enough stress and worry on our plate, we heard officially today that Jason's car (the Mystique) is dead. When his co-worker (who used to be a mechanic) was driving the car to meet us in Monroe for the pickup (he'd done some basic maintenance for us), the engine seized and I guess it needs a completely new engine now.

This is after we dropped $2200 on a new transmission just weeks ago.


Jason's Mom was also taken by ambulance to the hospital today for breathing problems. I haven't heard the latest, but I hope she is ok.

On a brighter note, I got my camera that I'd left in Boston back today. Laurie, bless her heart, made the kids blankets and sent those along as well as a very cute note with Murphy's art all over it.

The kids LOVED the blankets (so do I!). Ethan's has Cars characters on it, and Gwen's has a colorful flower pattern. They are fleecy and soft. These came at such a good time because Ethans orginal blankie is so beat up... needs to be replaced badly. I'm hoping that such a charming blanket may make this transition easier.

Here are some pics.

First, trying out each others blankets...

Then cuddled up with their own. They really loved them so much!

As a bonus, two pics I snapped earlier today

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