Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gosh, my blogging is terrible. Nearly a week since the last post! I'm still just not feeling it.

So, the most exciting thing to happen this week was this little windstorm we had on Thursday which broke our large cedar tree. Snapped off about 15-20 feet up the trunk and we lost about 25+ feet of tree. Very strange because from what I can see there was no rot or other damage. This tree survived the really BIG windstorm last year with no problems at all. I'm really sad that its gone :(

Where it snapped off

Close up

Overhead view,with nifty little diagram of what is what. Aren't I a dork?

The tree narrowly missed hitting our neighbors fence, and is just about 15 feet away from our dining room. Good thing the wind was blowing the way it was.

The kids are at Mom's right now. I dropped them off yesterday for part 2 of our anniversary. We went to dinner at a new mongolian grill type place that opened up real close to us, then came home and watched Transformers, which, I have to admit, was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I would even say it was interesting and very well done! Today we have to run some errands, then we'll go get the kids around 2 or so.

The kids are incredibly excited about Halloween this year. Ethan asks daily (not exaggerating here) if its time for trick-or-treating. He's going to be a dragon with wings. Gwen is going to be Angelina Ballerina (an animated dancing mouse). I'm making her a tutu and ears and tail. That's my plan. I still haven't actually gotten started on it, even though I have all the stuff. My motivation for anything is at like -10.


Amber said...

That is crazy about the tree. So close to that fence! Man!! what are your kids going to be for Halloween?

Lindy said...

How scary! So glad you were all safe and nothing was damaged. I can't wait to hear all about your Halloween. :)

DARALYN = said...

Glad your house and fence were spared!