Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I forgot to mention the biggest thing that has happened lately.

Ethan is now sleeping in a bed, or rather, his crib with one side off. Honestly? This change has really sucked for me. Like, bang my head on the wall, sob in frustration type of bad.

Nighttimes are ok. Nap times are hell. We used to have this great schedule where I'd lay them down and maybe they'd talk or play for 30 min then be out. Now, I put them down and they'll play and play... and play and play... and maybe 2, 2.5 hours AFTER I put them down (and having to go in there and clean up messes or herd them back to bed) they may fall asleep, only to be forced awake an hour later so that they don't mess up their bedtime schedule. Right now its only Ethan in a bed, but Gwen is not hindered by her crib in the slightest, nor is Ethan. They climb in and out with ease. I know they are not ready to give up naps because they are in horrible moods if they don't get one.

We were just not ready for this right now. Not when I'm cranky and tired all the time and Jason is having to pick up the slack. We were NOT ready for huge changes in schedule and it taking hours to get the kids to sleep. If anyone has ideas, we are open to them. We're considering everything from splitting the kids up to their own rooms to stopping naps.

Yesterday, the kids and I dropped off some books at the library, then went to Pilchuck Park. We were the only ones there, which was a bummer. The kids always look forward to playing with other kids. After we got home, we raked up all the leaves in the backyard. Generally, J and I are not rakers, but last year the leaves we left rotted and left slimy puddles all over our grass and it was nasty! Given that we have no leafy trees, the pile of leaves was impressive. I guess lots of wind will do that.

Both the kids continue to be excited about "the baby". At least once, and usually a couple, times a day they ask to feel the baby. Of course at this point this means they simply put their hands on my tummy, but they make up things like, "The baby is laughing! We're tickling him!" or "The baby is crying. He is sad". Gwen constantly talks about how she will snuggle him and kiss him and hug and he will be so cute(!). Its kinda neat to see how older kids react to this news. Ethan is impatient and thinks the baby is growing too slow and should be out by now. I rather agree. I also believe gestation should be much faster!

Thursday, Ethan's pre-school is going on a field trip to a farm, which happens to be run by a lady that I know from MOPS. Gwen and I get to come along too. We should have a blast! The kids have been looking forward to it for weeks now.


Aunt Deanne said...

Kristi, I can relate to your dilemma and just wanted to share with you how I eventually over came it for most of my children (I will admit to not doing so with Ben...yet! :-}

I would lay the kids down for a nap (or at night time) and pull up a comfortable chair just outside their door. I would put them to bed, admonish them to STAY PUT and BE QUIET and then leave and shut the door. The moment that they talked, or got out of bed I would make a BIG entrance, scolding, being very clear that I was very upset with them, put them back into their beds and then retire (for a few moments) to my chair. You get the picture. Yes, this sometimes meant an hour or so in the chair but, it worked for all of my kids within a day or two and then it made life so much easier after that. The quick, loud, disapproving entrance upon their IMMEDIATE disobedience is what seemed to make the most difference and convinced them that the rules of nap time must be followed. Good luck! Deanne

Becki said...

That was almost exactly what I was going to suggest!