Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We have been having crazy weather the last few days. Great sheets of rain, hail, wind. I love it! Today when I got lost in Marysville (more on that below) I even saw snow/hail? piled up on some streets. I hear that the the closest mountain pass got 7 inches! I wonder what is in store for us this year...

So today I had my first visit with the midwifery group. It was interesting! You don't have an assigned midwife, so the lady I saw today may or may not be the one I see next time. This one was really nice though and we had a long talk about my previous births, my PPD, and my ideals (note I say ideals!) for this next birth.

Due to my recent miscarriage, she wants me to have an ultrasound asap, which happens to be this upcoming Monday. I'm glad to hear it because I need to get the twins thing out of my head. I always have that thought, but this time it seems to be more niggling than before.

She did all the typical stuff and after the exam she said I had "a fantastic pelvis" and could "deliver a 13 lb baby if you had to". Well, uh, good to know? I wasn't sure what to say to that!

During our talk, she asked why I came there instead of Evergreen. I said that my sister worked at Evergreen and now for Dr. Dydell (who this midwife actually knows and she says that Dydell worked at Providence too) and said that she couldn't really recommend any midwives there. Turns out that this midwife (Ann Russell?) works part time for one of the midwifery centers at Evergreen. Doh! After that awkwardness, she said she works in many hospitals filling in for people who are on vacation or what not.

So after I gave blood and urine, I took off for home. Except the ramp to the trestle was blocked by some massive police presence so I got forced onto I-5 north and got myself terribly lost. Eventually I found my way down to EquiFriends, where my Mom was waiting with the kids for Jenni to finish her volunteer work. We took the kids for a walk through the stables, which they enjoyed until one of the horses sneezed and terrified Ethan (*giggle* it was funny). So we headed out, grabbed lunch at our favorite place, King Charleys, and now are home.

Would I sound like too much of wuss if I said I'm exausted?

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