Sunday, September 30, 2007

A few more details on the car.

It has only 78,000 miles, which is great for a 2001. The interior is gray leather and everything is in pristine, outstanding condition. I've never, ever seen a used car this clean. It had one owner previously and he never let his kids eat or drink in the car and you can tell! Instead of a bench seat in the second row, it is another row of captains chairs, which was kind of what tipped us towards this car over the Odyssey mini-van we tried earlier in the day. Strapping in 3+ kids with the bench seat would have been a nightmare, but with the captains chairs, while we do lose a seat, makes it much more Mommy and Daddy friendly. Total seating is 7. Supposedly it has some fancy wheels which look no different than any other wheels to J and I. Um... what else... it has heated seats, all the normal power stuff, sunroof. Now we can tow whatever we want too. Yay!

We did try a mini-van earlier that day and I liked the Honda Odyssey quite a bit. It was different than I had imagined it. Our big concern was towing and cargo space. When we saw this SUV that Jason had test drove earlier in the week, I told him that if we could get the price we needed we should do it because it had the easier loading plus the cargo and towing capacity we really wanted. If we couldn't get the price, we should go and negotiate for the Odyssey. We really liked both equally, but the SUV had a smidge more with the towing stuff (the Odyssey we looked at didn't have a towing package).

Gas mileage, of course, will be crap but it doesn't matter all that much for me. My trips are usually 2 mile jaunts to preschool or MOPS, or a little bit farther to my Mom's. I could go 2+ weeks without filling my Explorer tank and I suspect with the larger tank now that I may be able to go a month between fill ups. It'll be a painful fill-up ($100 about), but at least it won't be very often.

I cannot tell you how much Jason was obsessing and researching our options. Basically since the day we found out I was pregnant he spent all his free time examining different sites, reports, safety tests, etc. as well as working out all the financial details. If this man does something, he has it fully researched before jumping in! Going in we knew we wanted either an 01-04 Odyssey or a 00-02 Suburban or Yukon Denali XL. These cars were in our price range and the safest in their class for their years.

My Mom watched the kids all day while we were car shopping and they rewarded her by being sick! My Mom is such a good sport though and she had them all bathed and clean when we got back to her house at about 8.

I'm still having a rough time with the morning sickness. I'm pretty much over the Zoloft withdrawals I think. No brain twitches. But that constant state of nausea still hangs around and I'm very very sensitive if I miss a meal. I used to skip lunches pretty consistently with no side effects, but not now. An empty stomach is a sick stomach. I hope that the morning sickness leaves in the next couple weeks. It stinks.

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