Saturday, September 22, 2007

I whipped (and I say that figuratively, there was nothing quick about it) this out over the last few days. It came out ok. One sleeve is a bit higher than the other. I like the Robert Kaufman fabrics, and the addition of the ruffle and hem binding was my own creation. I won't be using the pattern again though. Far too complex and irritating to work with. When you're making something that will likely only fit for a few months, it shouldn't make you want to tear out your hair and rend your clothes in frustration.

I also completed a skirt today that is ugly. Well, it seemed ugly to me when I finally got done with it, but perhaps tomorrow, in the light of a new day, it won't seem so hideous.


April said...

OHMYGOSH! That is sooooo cute. Where do you find the time? I guess I am lazy, I love the idea of making clothes but lack the motivation.

sissy3012 said...

I love it!! so cute! Great job!!