Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Firstly, thank you all for your kind congratulations! We are hopeful that this one will stick. I'm still very early (look over to your right and you'll see a progress report) and I doubt I will feel comfortable with it until I'm at about 8 weeks.

Oh, and that church sign is NOT real! It came from http://says-it.com which is a fun site. I thought it was a funny way to announce news!

On Sunday, after church, we headed over to my Mom's for a visit. I took scads of pics, so dial-up users, prepare to wait ;)

Ethan and Dad... Ethan loves to "help" Grandpa however he can. That day, it was washing the flatbed tires.

Gwen being silly

Mom was not yet home from church and we were all getting restless. Jason (who you cannot see, but is to the right of my Dad) and Dad decide to hit Ethan with pillows. This one came from Dad.

This one came from Jason.

The aftermath (he was not hurt, just putting on a show because he'd thrown the pillows back at Daddy and Grandpa and now had none)

Starting to calm down a bit

Dad and Jason, who had been snickering in the background just couldn't resist. Another pillow to the head! I cannot help but laugh hysterically at this picture.

So to calm Ethan down, we took a walk outside and I snapped some pics of my Mom's lovely flowers.

One of Ethan's favorite spots... He loves stacking wood!

Finally, Nanny arrived home and the kids were happier (well, not Gwen, but she was pouty for some reason).

Eventually Nanny was able to work a smile and conversation from her.

Grammy arrived soon after with her dog Kip. Ethan loves Kip and Kip loves Ethan!

Then Uncle Mike arrived and was immediately recruited for picking berries

After awhile, we headed over the Guthries house to try out their new quad course they built. Its AWESOME. Words can't really explain it... so much different than I expected and so much cooler!

Mom was acting out of character and really really wanted to ride the track (midlife crisis perhaps?). She consulted with Aaron and Brynne about details

Then they were off!
The kids were surprisingly amenable to riding

Its hard to tell who is having the better time here!

I also took a spin. It was scary!
and dirty...

very, very dirty....

One of the things we saw at the Guthries was the transformation of their barn into a small cottage. Kwinton (Brynne's boyfriend) is doing most the work himself. Aaron showed us some of his moves. He went really high, and we know he was taking it easy because there were little kids around and he didn't have a helmet on.

I think this is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever taken :) Brynne and Kwinton.

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