Thursday, September 27, 2007

I feel SO sick today.

Its not been something I've been talking about with anyone because I didn't want anyone to pressure me beyond what I wanted to do, but I'm on day 4 of total Zoloft withdrawal. Since mid-July I'd been weaning myself down, halving my dose every couple of weeks. I was at 25mg every other day for a couple weeks and since I couldn't split my pills any smaller, I figured it was time to just quit.

Unlike the last time I quit (which was cold turkey) I don't feel mentally frazzled. I feel slightly off, but nothing like before. I still have the brain twitchiness and feel dizzy quite often, but that will pass in time.

I'm not sure if I'm feeling so ill today because of the withdrawal or morning sickness. I was so dizzy driving home from pre-school I had a hard time concentrating. Benadryl is a good medication to take to help with the side effects of quitting Zoloft, so I may take one and see if that helps. If it doesn't, I guess I'll know its morning sickness!

Yesterday the kids and I met April, Grady and Gibson at the park. We had a really good time! I didn't take any pictures, but you can see the many that April took by going to her blog:

Last night my cousin Caitlyn and her boyfriend Matt stopped by so that Jason could work his magic on Cait's computer. The kids took to Matt immediately and he was a wonderful sport and entertained them the entire time. Good man!

After we pick up Ethan from pre-school today, Mom will be meeting us here and we'll visit until she has to take Jenni to band. Off to clean and hope I don't pass out while doing it! :)

You know what? I just realized something.

Ethan's b-day is 3/22
Jason's b-day is 4/5
Gwen's b-day is 4/25
This baby is due 5/28

When will we learn to spread out birthdays more than a month apart? Sheesh!


sissy3012 said...

have you talked to a doc about being sick while coming off your meds? Since you have been coming off for so long you should not feel sick. the headaches are normal, but you shouldn't feel sick like that.

Becki said...

We have some B Vitamin suckers/lozenges here at the office, if you think it might be related to morning sickness. Its a new product that we were asked to trial...I can't seem to give them away, even though they taste good (I had to try it).