Friday, September 14, 2007

I will start off this post with a brag about things I've been making lately. First up, an adorable (and oh so easy) circle skirt from Favorite Things "Little Hip Skirts" for Gwen.

Then, a messenger bag from Grand Revival "Flea Market Bag". It was my first bag ever.

Then some cute cloth baby shoes made from scrap fabric. It was just a test, but I really liked how they came out. I used the StardustShoes free pattern

This morning the kids and I were discussing babies. Ethan and Gwen both agreed that they wanted a baby like Grady (April's little guy) to live at our house. We left to get some coffee and on the way Ethan say, "Hey Mom, why don't we get coffee, then go buy a baby like Grady, then get a car wash. Sound good?". I explained that we can't just buy a baby like Grady at Target, we have to grow one in Mommy's tummy.

After pondering this concept for a few seconds he says, "Ok, how about this, we go get coffee, then we go to Target and buy a baby to put in Mommy's tummy, then we get car wash. Will that work?". After assuring him that it would not work, he got really mad that he could not have a "Grady baby" NOW. He had me really chuckling at the conversation.


April said...

Ahhhhhh! That is soooo sweet!

Becki said...

First impressions....

Picture 1: I have a skirt up my butt.

Picture 2: Kung Foo Fighting

Very cute skirt, bad, and shoes....loved the baby story too.

Becki said...

Opps...that should say "skirt, bag, and shoes". :-)