Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sorry for the dearth of posting lately. Just been busy and SO not feeling like blogging.

So to start off, I include a picture of the kiddies. Doesn't Gwen look so grown up?

We've been at my Mom's for the last couple days while J is in San Fran. I really like staying with my Mom. For one, there are two people to help with the kids, and the kids have a lot more freedom and things to explore there. Its fun.

Yesterday Ethan started preschool! We got off to a rough start... E woke up at 5:30am and "slept" with me until 6:30. I put that word in quotes because it was more like we both laid in bed and Ethan would pop up or talk every 2 minutes about a noise, or a dream, or the bed or WHATEVER. Drove me bonkers. Then he decided to be naughty and he had to be in time out right before we left. When we were pulling out of my Mom's driveway, he was crying hard for his Nanny. About 10 min later he was calm, thank goodness.This was taken right as we were leaving.

When we got to the church, the first thing he did was get assigned his mat for the year. This is where they sit when they have story time and other activities away from the table. Ethan also had to choose a character that would be put on his mat so he'd be able to find which one was his in the future. Know what he picked? A mean-looking fish. I really hope this doesn't reflect on his behaviour :) Note: Some of these pics are blurry because I was being jostled by the other Mom's and Dad's and siblings that were there for the first day!

Miss Patty showing the kids where to hang their coats and backpacks.

He was very nervous about me leaving, though he did go play with the toys and sat down to color for a little bit.

Eventually I did have to leave and while he did fuss and hold onto Miss Paula with his arms while keeping his legs firmly around my waist, he did settle down once I left the room.

When I came back, he looked thrilled to see me, though, true to Ethan's nature, now he didn't want to leave!

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Becki said...

Darn....I keep hoping he is going to be a lefty. He looks fairly comfortable coloring with that right hand.