Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yesterday was a weird day. It felt like it would never ever end!

I went to the doctor about my skin issues and was given a diagnosis of contact dermatitis and some cortisone cream. It seems to be helping.

Then we went to Target to get the prescription for the cream and pick up a few other things. THAT was a nightmare. One again reminded why we don't shop with kids :)

We grabbed some McD's, then home quickly so I could change, then off to Lundeen Park to check out the new playground. Ethan and Gwen attached themselves to a girl about 7 years old and spent the entire time picking blackberries! Oh well, at least they enjoyed it.

We came home, put the kids down for nap, and I got pulled into a message board drama, about ME of all things. Seriously, I'm so forgettable on the boards, I can't hardly believe that there was such a fuss. But it eventually died out and all was good.

We had a sausage/pasta thing for dinner, along with the beets I picked a few days ago. Yum.

The whole day just moved slowly. After I went to bed, I kept waking up and finding that I'd been asleep for only a few minutes. Weird. Then there was thunder and really hard rain at about midnight which woke J and I up.

Today we're heading to Alyssa's house (just 5 min away) to play for a bit. When we get back I'm going to clean the house a bit and start my next sewing project.

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KristieSue said...

How cool is this! I was googling my own name and you and I share the same name (unless google got it wrong in that case sorry to bother you). Just thought I would say hello :)