Friday, September 28, 2007

Today was our first MOPS. I ended up being placed with one lady that I knew, so that was nice. The kids did spectacular. Ethan hung up his backpack, gave Gwen and I a hug and said, "See you later". Gwen did the same. No crying, no fussing. Seriously I almost cried at how easy it went!

During the MOPS meeting they had a "who's expecting" segment where people who are pregnant would say how far along and when they are due. I sat there and didn't stand up, until I realized that I was indeed pregnant! I felt stupid standing up after everybody else had been standing for a few minutes already but I did it anyway.

I got up pretty early today and before doing anything I ate some yogurt and toast which seemed to help with the dizziness though I still have this underlying queasiness that never goes away. I really hate feeling this way.

My first midwife appointment is Wednesday. I'm going to try the Providence Midwifery Group and see if I like them. I don't know if they do preliminary ultrasounds (though its still too early for a first ultrasound) but if they don't, I'm so going to beg one off of Becki. I have this premonition of the number of babies and I just need to clear my mind of it, one way or the other.

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