Monday, October 15, 2007

I've been downright shocked by the number of hits the article I posted on Sunday has received. I've actually maxed out my log for the month already. I never do that!

Anyway, I'm glad people are reading it, and my opinions :) This is a frightening and appalling story for many reasons.

Now onto non-political issues. I'm real sick and completely farking miserable. I can't decide if I should just throw up and be done with it (maybe) or hold it back and hope it passes. When I'm sick, then usually throwing up helps, but I'm afraid with morning sickness I'll be sick again in 30 min and need to throw up again :(

Saturday, thanks to a Friday conversation with April where we learned that we both were planning on going to the same place to get a pumpkin, we met up with April, her husband Gregg, and the g-boys, Grady and Gibson.

A quick test: Which child is trained best? If you answered Gibson, you win! Look at the little guy... smiling right at the camera, while mine couldn't be bothered :)

"Onward", she command!

It was foggy and cold in the fields.

Ethan loved picking out pumpkins. He was constantly putting them in and I was constantly pulling them back out!

Finally he found the right one to carve

Gwen found hers too

We took a walk through the petting zoo (which was a bit too dirty for my taste) but they did have these cute piglets (the Mommy pig was freaky!)

and bunches and bunches of kittens. Oh how I wish Jason wasn't allergic :(

This was a little trout fishing trough thingy. They also had these trained ducks that raced to the end and then did a little march back down. Really cute.

We took a break for a snack... some homemade, fresh pastries from the farm bakery. Isn't Grady so cute? And April made that sling too. It was really cool.

After we finished here, we took the kids to Mom's to spend the night, and then Jason and I were free! Unfortunately, I was sick, but we did make the best of it. We went to the Mill Creek Town Center and went to the bookstore, then to a restaurant, The Clay Pit, that April had recommended. Had I not been so nauseous I would have enjoyed the food. I did enjoy the naan though. Yum!

Saturday I ran out early to get coffee and doughnuts for breakfast, then we did some cleaning and relaxing before the kids got home at about 3. It was an enjoyable time. Best thing is that we get a repeat of it this week too. Thanks Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Kristi, the picture of the pumpkin field with fog is absolutely breathtaking! Is there any way I could get a copy of that so I could frame it? Sounds like you all had a good time. Things like this, the kids will never forget.