Sunday, July 06, 2008

Finally! Pictures!

Starting in chronological order...

Gwen waiting in her flower girl dress (a wee bit too big) with the red shoes that were fabulously ubiquitous at the wedding. The bride wore them and so did many others in solidarity!

Grandpa checking over Ethan's tux. He'd been dressed by women who had no idea how these things go together and it needed some fixing (we did the cuff links very badly!).

There, all done. Aren't they a handsome pair?

Killing time outside the church. There was a huge hanging basket of these flowers by the door and they were Gwen's favorite color, purple!

Uncle Michael doing his part to entertain the kids. I love this picture. Something about the way she's flying and how small she looks compared to her uncle just warms my heart.

Dinner time, about an hour before the wedding was due to start.

Ethan checking out the cupcakes. He could hardly wait to dig in (he ended up eating THREE of them!).

Elsa, lacy-ed and flounced within an inch of her life. She hated the itchy thing and had to be stripped down to her diaper at the reception :)

The lovely bride and her siblings.

The next day we went to the zoo...

Ethan on the carousel

Gwen also on the carousel

I was actually in this picture, but Jason rudely ignored my caterpillar face and got only half of me in it, so I cropped it out to just the kids and am not holding it against my husband that he would cut me out of a picture with the children. Not holding it against him at all.

At least there is a picture of me with one of the kids!

End of the day and the exhausted children. Ethan had his turn with Elsa in the stroller too.

After the zoo I attended Brynne's bachelorette party. I have a particular picture that is hilarious from a carving game we played, but it is perhaps a little too risque for this blog.

Finally, a sweet picture of Gwen holding "sistah".


Holly said... have to post that bachelorette pic somewhere...good memories! lol.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Kris! Am hoping there's some way I can transfer some of them to my screen saver project.
Love, Grammy